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“From Beginners to Stage 6, children to adults, we have lessons for all abilities

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Lessons for all abilities

We are the leading swim school in the South, teaching lessons in lovely locations in Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury.

Our friendly teachers are fully-qualified, insured, CRB checked, and looking forward to seeing your child swimming effectively, efficiently and safely.

Weekly lessons

We offer weekly, term time swimming lessons, for 30 or 45 minutes per lesson.

A scheme of lessons designed to work on technique following the ASA National Teaching Plan and building stamina with distance badges. These lessons cover all 4 major strokes and important water skills. We have a maximum of 3 swimmers per beginners class which last for 30 minutes. We only increase to 5 swimmers at the much higher stage 6 class which lasts for 45 minutes, to allow the children to start working on their stamina. 

Ducklings - for those new to the water, building confidence and establishing basic movement.

ASA Stages 1-7 – 4 major strokes as well as building stamina.

ASA Stages 8-10 – Waterpolo, Synchro and Lifesaving skills.

Adult beginners – we have lessons for adults of all ages and abilities. Monday evenings in Southampton or Thursday evenings in Winchester.

Autumn Term 2015   Sept – Dec  
Spring Term 2016 Jan – April
Summer Term 2016 May – July

Intensive swim courses

These courses are a great way to give the swimmer's ability a real push and a chance to focus on a particular area of weakness if needed.

Running for 5 mornings during the holidays makes these courses excellent for young swimmers, as well as a chance for the older swimmers to do longer distances.

Extra tuition

A chance to recap and advance the skills from your child's weekly lessons. If there is a particular area that needs improvement, these lessons are a great way to focus.

New swimmers

A gentle introduction to water and swimming. A maximum of 3 children per class and the teacher in the water, this could be what your child needs to give them the confidence to start swimming.

February Half Term  15th – 19th February 2016  
Easter Holidays 4th – 8th April 2016
May Half Term 31st May – 3rd June 2016
Summer Holidays

1st August- 5th August 2016

8th August- 12th August

October Half Term

24th - 28th October 2016

Online assesment

We aim to keep you up to date with your progress on a regular basis.

Register for Coursepro in the first few weeks of term and you will be able to keep up to date on your child’s progress, see what they have achieved so far and what they may also be struggling on, in order to move up a stage. 

The teachers use the iPods on poolside so that they can keep the child's progress up to date, mark their attendance and track their distance badges. 

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