Looking for small classes and ideal learning environments for your children to Learn to Swim?

Learning to Swim is a vital life skill and with Wessex Swim School, we can ensure your swimmers reach their potential. Small classes designed to improve the swimmers confidence, stamina and technique with every lesson.

At Wessex Swim School we have only 3 Swimmers in all of our classes right up to Stage 6 of the asa National Plan for Swimming. From Stage 6 upwards we encourage our swimmers to join our 45 minute classes to help improve their stamina whilst still remaining technique focused.
Stage 8 upwards we have a wide curriculum covering Triathlon and open water swimming, competitive swimming, waterpolo, synchronised swimming and lifesaving.

We have swimming lessons operating in Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury.

If you are looking to ensure your children are safe, and enjoy the water these small classes are vital for your child’s development.

For regular ongoing lessons and training we recommend our Weekly term time lessons for more information. Or for Intensive Swim Courses as a top up or stroke.

Why swim with us?