Wessex Swim School Prices

Over 20 years of swimming experience

Pricing Information

Holiday Swim Courses
/ per week
5 Lessons
Starting aged 3
Only 3 pupils per teacher
30 Minutes upto stage 5 & 45 Minutes from stage 6
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Weekly Swimming Lessons
/ per lesson
12 or 13 lesson next term (location dependant)
Ages 3+
3 pupils per teacher upto stage 5
5 pupils per teacher upto stage 6+
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Adult Swimming Lessons
/ per lesson
5 adults per class
60 Minute Classes
8PM - 9PM
Classes on Thursdays
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We do also offer a sibling discount to make Wessex Swimming Lessons more affordable for big families:
If you have two children swimming with us we offer 5% off
If you have three children swimming with us we offer 7% off
If you have four children swimming with us we offer 10% off
We also offer a military discount of 5%

Please note our prices will increase to £21.84 per lesson from 1st April 2024 inline with rising costs.

Direct Debit Options

How does it work?
On average we have 39-40 lessons per year per class. The average is split over 12 months. When a lesson is cancelled or booked out for a holiday or pool closure the system automatically deducts this from your next payment.
On average approx £71 per month is the cost of having one child swimming with us.
Direct debit payments are taken on the 1st of each month for lessons during that month. e.g 1st Jan for January.
This ensures credits or missed lessons do not get missed and there is now no need to worry you will miss payment dates and lose your space.

Want to cancel?
Just let our team know when you are happy with your child's progress and want to stop lessons and we then have a 30 day notice period for cancellations.  We then mark you as leaving in 30 days time and your last DD maybe a smaller amount depending on when in the month you cancel.

Setting up a Direct Debit with Wessex Swim School

Call us on 02382 146473 you will need your sort code and account code to get this set up. (preferred method)

Complete the below Direct debit mandate and return to Wessex Swim School vi email: info@wessexswimschool.co.uk please note this is not a smart form so will need to be printed and then scanned in to us.

Download direct debit mandate PDF here

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